Thursday, October 4, 2018

Garage Rock Radio

A way to revive the 60s music genres of Garage Rock, Psychedelic and Surf Music

Saturday, September 29, 2018

This page will be dedicated to the rock music of 60s/70s – unforgettable period in the history of rock music. Bands and performers – extraordinary, boisterous, and talented; search for new ways in music, experiments and brilliant findings. Bands that have filled countless pages in the history of rock music or have left only one unforgettable masterpiece.
     Information on many outstanding bands and performers from this period is scattered in many music web pages, but several representatives of this period are not accessible on the internet at all. Our web page is an attempt to eradicate this shortcoming. This is just the beginning, but we carry on our quest and find more and more information. We hope that fans of rock music from 60s/70s will become regular users of our page and together we will succeed to create a web page that will be worthy of this unique period in history of rock music.